Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Challenge!

Okay, ladies. Here's the dealio. I decided to set the first challenge. Because I'm cool like that.

Challenge: Twilight Christmas Tree
Assignment: Using paint (the computer program, I mean, not actual paint), design a Twilight-themed Christmas tree. You can have a specific theme that has to do with one aspect of Twilight (example: Jacob Black) or you can have a theme that encompasses everything that has to do with Twilight (or at least everything you've read about so far).
Due: December 24, 2008
Bonus Points: Put your completed tree as your Facebook profile picture for all of Christmas Day

Let the tree decorating begin!

<3 Allison


Korina said...

You're on!! and going down.

janice said...

umm i'm not sure how to do this painting challenge. yeah and it's the 24th already!! i guess i'll get ready for the next i'll judge this round!!

Allison said...

Okie dokie, ladies, I think we need to make an extention on this... so it is now due on the 27th. I know that's past Christmas, but that's okay!