Thursday, February 2, 2012

Once Every 3 Years Update

Wow! It's been awhile. I don't know if you guys still check this, but I thought I'd post. haha. So I was looking for a woman on here who has a food blog and I logged in so that I could follow her so I wouldn't lose her again. Her food blog is pretty amazing. Her URL is if you guys want to check it out. To Allison, it's Sister Goodman's daughter. I've been trying for a couple of months now to remember the website (I had it memorized before). Good thing for me I wrote it down in the recipe notebook that Sister Goodman gave us. Yay! Anyway, I was planning on getting some stuff to make something good this weekend. I'm a bit stressed out with school. I think a delicious dish would make me feel better.
I hadn't logged on in a while and it was funny coming across our blog. It made me think of you guys and now I'm missing you guys so much. Allison, you're visiting this weekend and I'm so excited! Korina, I miss you a lot. I wish you could come visit again. Or stay. haha. It's so weird without you guys. Ok I better stop before I make myself cry. I'll talk to you guys later or not. haha I don't know if you guys will even read this.